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Individual and Couples Therapist

I'm here to help you as quickly as I can. Yes, I believe long-term therapy has its benefits, but when you are feeling low or in a relationship crisis, I want to help you immediately with tools so you can start to feel better sooner rather than later.


Are you feeling lost, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or overall not fulfilled? You do not have to go through this alone. Let me help you.


Do you want better communication? Is something not “right?” Has there been infidelity? Or do you just want to feel a deeper connection to your partner? Let me help you build a stronger foundation.


Families are complex. Is a specific family member hard to deal with? Are you having problems with your children? In-laws? Let me help you understand your family better and build a more peaceful connection.


I’ve spoken globally on topics such as: relationships, work life balance, depression, anxiety, stress, wellness, and coping in isolation. You can see more details in my media section.

Relationship Expert, Author, and Speaker.

Since 2002, I’ve worked with adults, adolescents, couples, & families. I am an award-winning author and was a co-host on LA Talk Radio and a relationship expert for SIRIUS/XM radio. I’ve conducted seminars for corporations globally with my work centering on relationships, depression, stress, addiction, anxiety, career, sexuality, any type of trauma, infertility, & parenting. But I work with anyone who wants to better themselves or their situation.
Master’s Degree, School of Social Work, 2004
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“Kelli is wonderful. She’s smart, wise, kind and a true professional. She can speak with knowledge on a wide range of topics. Her advice is priceless.”
“Great counseling advice. The tips she provides has helped me take a marriage from bad to good, almost overnight.”
“Kelli was very compassionate with her help. She tells it like it is and uses common vernacular to get the points across. I’m very pleased.”

LCS# 76547

Studio City, CA

(818) 869-4855

LCS# 76547

Studio City, CA

(818) 869-4855

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